Reed Bingham State Park

Reed Bingham state park located in Adel Georgia is one of our favorite places to visit, growing up in south Georgia there is not a whole lot to do, but at Reed Bingham this is not a problem. There is a 375 acre lake that is loaded with fish ranging from crappie to catfish. This lake is also known for its impressive amounts of alligators, snakes and turtles.

There is a lot to do here, for example the fishing is incredible and there is a lot of wildlife to be seen including nesting bald eagles. The lake is open to private boats, canoes and kayaks. There are many places to go swimming in the lake (if you aren’t scared of the various reptiles that inhabit it). There are hiking opportunities, around 7 miles of trails that cover swamps, rivers and lots of wooded areas. There are also many campgrounds to use and some of them are very unique. One of the camp grounds is located in the middle of the lake! There is a small island that you can rent per night and it is a very cool experience.

One of the best things we did at the park was a combination of everything. We would start the day early and have a friend drop us off at a point in the Little River which feeds the lake. We would canoe down the river fishing and looking at all of the alligators and scenery. Eventually, we would make our way to the big open lake and would park the canoe on the island that we had rented out for the night. We would set up camp and have lunch or dinner (depending on how long it took us) and then we would just hang out and talk around the fire or fish some more at the edge of the island. The next morning we would pack up our things, load it all into the canoe, and then canoe to the edge of the lake and get in our car that we had waiting for us. The trip is amazing and I would advise everyone to try it out. It is not a strenuous trip, and the duration is short enough to where if there was a problem in which you had to leave it would not be difficult to leave early.

There are many things to do at this park, and they are all loads of fun! I would definitely add this to your list of fun places to visit!


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